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Accidentally changing email addresses

Astute Commentator
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Accidentally changing email addresses

We recently upgraded to v20.1 Update 6 from v19.  We are having issues when we try to send emails after linking a different email. 


For example, I am in Outlook and I link an email in my Inbox to an existing contact.  Then I click into ACT, locate a new contact and click the email address hyperlink for that person.  The Outlook new message window pops up behind other windows and the ACT icon starts blinking on our task bar.  If you don't notice that and start typing, your cursor is in the email address field in ACT and it changes the email address.  


Took a while to narrow it down because it does not always happen when you click the email hyperlink, usually the Outlook new message window pops up and the cursor is in the subject field.  However, if you had last linked an email in Outlook, the window does not become active and move your cursor.


Is anyone else experiencing this?

Any suggestions?  It is really messing up a lot of our email addresses because we don't always realize it and make the change.


Christina Theobald

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Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Accidentally changing email addresses

effectively, I did the test, and it does not always happen, the first time I did the test, the cursor is placed in the EMAIL field and if I start to write ... there will be a change in the email address ...

The second time I did the test the screen of the new mail opened and if I start writing, it does it in the SUBJECT field of that email

Good point to review and standardize a single procedure of Act! when  click on the email field
Astute Commentator
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Re: Accidentally changing email addresses

But after 20 years of using ACT, this has just started happening with this version.  Something had to have changed with the programming.



Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Accidentally changing email addresses

You're absolutely correct, something did change over the last few months.

The method that we use to communicate with Office in its entirety has been rewritten between those versions. I have not been able to duplicate the Original issue. Can you post your Outlook version specifics?

You may want to consider updating to Act! 20.1 Update 7.
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