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Access to ContactID field

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Access to ContactID field



I need access to the ContactID field for the contacts in our database. I have researched online and have come to a dead end. There is no way to access it from normal views, and running reports won't work either since I can't run them to an .xls.


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Access to ContactID field

In what way do you need access to the contact id field?

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Access to ContactID field

I need to have it with the corresponding contact in an .xls format. I have done the OLE/DB method but the CONTACTID field is not available. 


I do not wish to pay for extra software (ie IT Export/exportIT).


I am trying to get the information out so that I can sync the ID between the notes and contacts to assign the individual notes to the contact they correspond with.

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Re: Access to ContactID field

[ Edited ]

I know you stated you did not want to pay a third party but if this is a one time download our FREE 30 day trial.


Impact Suite has the ability to add ANY ID field to ANY list view.

Pictured here is the ContactID in the contact list view.



To add the field:

1) Install Impact Suite

2) Restart ACT

3) Go to the Contact List view 

4) Click on the Layouts drop down and select CUSTOMIZE LAYOUTS

5) Move the CONTACTID field from the left list to the right click and click OK


To export

1) Right-click on the list to open the popup menu

2) Select DATA->EXPORT

3) Using this 'Save As' dialog box save the XLS file on your hard drive.


If you need to use this feature over and over you can purchase the Contact List Module for only $169.


Hope this helps

-- Jim Durkin

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Re: Access to ContactID field



Thank you for the information. I actually was able to do it with Magic DB explorer and SQL querying the DB... but it would of been much, much easier to do it with your software instead of all the research I had to do yesterday.