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Ability to zoom / standardize fonts?

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Ability to zoom / standardize fonts?

Hey all,

A bit about what I'm using:

Version: Act! Pro 2013 <-- if I try to update it just opens a small gray window?
Setting: Local machine running 2560x1600
OS: Windows 10

Problem: Before I lose my eyesight on this thing, is there a way to zoom like there is on other programs? Everything is extremely small in 2560x1600 (I should say "almost everything" since other fonts/tabs are extremely large since going to Windows 10). Other things are out of whack such as any new notes defaulting in "Microsoft Sans Serif" 7pt font which is half cut off on the first line anyway (it tucks up into the area above it). When I set the same font to 8pt, it comes out much larger.

In all, it's pretty frustrating. Is there an easy enough way to make any of this appear correctly?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Ability to zoom / standardize fonts?

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Hi Matt

Here's a link to a knowledgebase article we have that deals with a few of these high DPI issues:

If this does not resolve your issue, please contact Swiftpage Support on 866 873 2006.

Hope this helps.