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ACTV17 via remote desktop and additional users

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ACTV17 via remote desktop and additional users

I have a remote rep who is currently using exported excel sheets and I want to get him into Act. Budget is very low as we are a startup. So my thought is to put a licensed copy of Act onto a PC and move the database to that machine (versus on my laptop). Then give him remote access to the work station using google chrome remote desktop.


Would I be able to this with a trial version of actv17 to see how it all worked and if the speeds were acceptable?


Any reason it wont work? I understand it may not be the most secure method but I think its better than getting excel sheets weekly.


Second is I would obviously make him a user. So I should be able to assign him his contacts and he could only see those?


Second question.


I want a third person to use ACT to make calls, and I want to assign her certain contacts as well. She would use my account/log in. But I want her to have access to ALL contacts (she is my wife so I think I can trust her...). The goal is to assign her certain contacts as well to call so I want her to be able to do a lookup based on contacts assigned to her. I think the easiest way is to make a field called rep, put her name in, then lookup by that. Is there a better way w/o any additional expense?



Windows 7


I appreciate everyone's help.