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ACTSage.exe not shutting down.

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ACTSage.exe not shutting down.

I have a client on ACT 2013 who, when she exits ACT has to kill the ACTSAge.exe process in task manager.  It never closes without this step and it happens every time.  I don't even know where to start looking on this one.  Last time I remember the issue was act 3.0 (I think).


Any suggestions would be welcome.


Scott Holmes


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Re: ACTSage.exe not shutting down.


Most times I've seen this with Word or Outlook. I've also seen it with other program if there's a double or triple launch of the program. Typically catches me if I try to launch a program too soon after start up and it doesn't launch and then I try starting it again.


Don't know if this will help with your problem .

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: ACTSage.exe not shutting down.

Does she use TeamViewer? If she does, TeamViewer adds a QuickConnect button to all open programs and this prevents Act! from shutting down. You can turn this option off whether for all programs or only for Act!.

Gilles Cavin
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