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When writting a ACT document and there is no data in a field [[ACTFIELD_DELETE_ME]] shows up.  Any one know how to have this not show uo ACT 2008 and MSWord 2007?
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Try this article in the ACT! Knowledge Base -
In Office 2007, Detect and Repair is now Office Diagnostics
Or maybe see this thread:

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I wanted to post my struggle that may save others time.

After Office Word 2007 Repair, reinstall of Office and ACT! the problem still showed up for me which was only 1 field among the many in my template showing after a merge [[ACTFIELD_DELETE_ME]] which happens if a field has no data. Yet other fields that were empty did not show the string.

Solution I deleted the field saved template, reopend it, inserted field save-as and now problem is gone.

The inserted field can get corrupt because another template that was fine started to show problem.