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ACTDIAG not working after Computer Name Change

Tuned Listener
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ACTDIAG not working after Computer Name Change

I'm running ACT!2008 (single user running the database on the same PC as the client) on XP Home. I changed the computer name on my system to get ready for the addition of a new PC. I didn't realize that that would cause a problem with my databases when I tried to open them and couldn't connect.


Luckily I had a recent backup of all my databases. So I just restored them under new names and new folders. I now know I can change the host name in the PAD files (currently they have host="."). My databases all open fine and operate fine.


However, when I start actdiag (to go in and delete the instances of the old database names) I get "Could not connect to the SQL server instance.". I click the continue button and can access the Server and Database buttons and was able to delete the defunct database names.


After exiting actdiag and restarting it, actdiag starts up with no error messages. However when displaying the Server Information the Server Name lists as "oldname/ACT7".


While everything seems to be working ok, having the old computer name in the Server Name field makes me wonder if that will cause a problem later on. How can I change the Server Name (without reinstalling sql) to reflect the new computer name?



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Re: ACTDIAG not working after Computer Name Change



SQL is hanging on to the old machine name.  The only way I know of to correct this is to reinstall SQL.