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[ACT2011] Images in templates to Outlook - problem

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[ACT2011] Images in templates to Outlook - problem

Hi All!


I try to cope with a problem that occurs while I generate messages out of prevoiusly prepared template in an editor.

The template embedded some images. After sending the recipients gets message with crossed out images or images assisted separately as attachements.


I guest it is not a receipient securities issue but creator based problem cause 90% messagess created this way is wrong interpretated regardless of email reader and it's securities settings.


Any hints on it?


Best Regards,


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Re: [ACT2011] Images in templates to Outlook - problem

Hello taugusto,

May I suggest you to analyze your Outlook profile?

You may find (for free) "Office Configuration Analyzer Tool" (OFFCAT) at Microsoft.

This tool may help you to figure out if there is something wrong in your Outlook settings that prevents images in your messages.

I have solved a couple of problems in the past (not only in Outlook but also in Excel) using this tool.

I hope this helps you.

Best regards.

Mac, Jorge A. Mac Genity
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Re: [ACT2011] Images in templates to Outlook - problem

Hi taugusto,


this is a known issue, confirmed by swiftpage productmanagement.


one hint i can give you, you should use different formats, like gif, jpeg, and others.  we did face the same problem at a customer, and after changing the template to use different picture formats, it did work.


you may want to checkout our KB explaining this




Ingo Lange



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Re: [ACT2011] Images in templates to Outlook - problem

Dear Ingo and Jorge,


I made some additional checkings and I see the error regarding the described "embedded images in template problem" occurs while I make bulk/mass mailing (two contacts or more in current lookup) only.


While choosing the usual way of sending our newsletters: Mail merge, -> Email, ->Lookup, -> Omit the contact(s) from e-mail merge and record history as "not sent", ->Finish and having 2 or more contacts in lookup, the outlook window doesn't pop-up, the Act sent the messages directly via its engine to Outlook sent-box.

In this case some newsletter readers has crossed-out images, but e-mail in readers Inbox indicates attachements, but cannot be seen or listed.


 While choosing the same way of sending as above but with ONE contact only, the outlook editor window pops-up, letting you do last check, and demands pressing "Send" for final delivery. I press "Send".

In this case everything with the newsletter is OK, e-mail in readers Inbox indicates attachements, the size of e-mail is 40% bigger.



Any new idea what is going on ? ;-)

Thank you for your assistance!



best regards,