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ACT2011 Contact History

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ACT2011 Contact History

Is there anyway of advising another user of the database that you have say just made a phone call to a contact? eg. I ring a client and leave a message about delivery dates. Can the other user be advised that there has been an update to that contacts history?



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Re: ACT2011 Contact History


 nothing automated that I'm aware of. You could schedule an activity for them, perhaps with an alarm set? or an email?


Normally other staff don't need to know that you've just had a converstation (assuming the converstation is just run of the mill).


Just a thought, you could create a dynamic group, based on a rule of "Edit Date" = Today AND "Last Edited By" = <insert username>,  that way they could look at that group, see which contacts have either been edited or had histories/notes added to them today that have been edited by the username you've inserted into that rule.