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ACT2007 & MS SQL Server crash...

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ACT2007 & MS SQL Server crash...

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I have Act2007 installed on a two machine XP Pro(SP2) network. Database resides on one, which both access. Recently, ACT's MS SQL 2005 server instance for Act was invaded by a bot and Malwarebytes automatically deleted 10 files belonging to it on both machines. Act will start but I cannot access the database or email files.


I can simply reinstall ACT7 but my main concern is preserving my email which I cannot get into to back up.  In the past when I've reinstalled ACT it has wiped out the email.


Checked the knowledgebase and followed all instructions to restore SQL to no avail. Have been building machines since '89 and a daily user of ACT since '98.   Am no expert on networking but am no neophyte in general.


So far have tried in this order:


1. Repairing act from install disk.  No go.

2. Per FAQ: 19640 I have manually removed all references of ACT7 SQL in the registry and attempted to reinstall SQL manually from disc. Got 95% done but would not complete due to needing permissions certs.

3. Had backed up all MSSQL.1 folders (rather than delete them as 19640 dubiously counsels) so I restored them in the hopes the install routine would find the prior certificates and complete installation.  It did but SQL still will not start, even manually.

4. Re-removed all references to ACT7 SQL in the registry and re-tried the repair mode with the restored MSSQL folders present. No Go.


So, it appears my options are:


1. Can anyone help me to get ACT7 SQL to reinstall and run correctly?

2. Can anyone tell me how to manually back up my current email database and reuse it after reinstalling ACT?




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Re: ACT2007 & MS SQL Server crash...

Hello Mark,

In #2 of the list of things you tried, you stated "Got 95% done but would not complete due to needing permissions certs.". What was the exact error message you were getting during the install?


In regards to your emails, those are stored in a local SQL database called ActEmailMessageStore.mdf. This can be found in the following location on the local machine: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\ACT\ACT for Windows. ou cannot backup this database through ACT! is SQL is not running, but since the database should be detached without SQL running, you should be able to copy this database (and it's associated .LDF file) and put that copy somewhere else as a backup.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: ACT2007 & MS SQL Server crash...

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Hey Greig,


Thanks for the reply.


1. Don't recall exact error message (after 20 years you'd think I learn to write 'em down) but it effectively stated that necessary "permissions" were not present. I took that to mean the certificates in the MSSQL folders. In any event, #2 below sounds more promising.


2. I already located and backed up the email database and .ldf files.  The question is really, as your answer seems to imply is yes, can I simply reinstall ACT and drop these files back into the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\ACT\ACT for Windows folder and proceed with my email configurations (currently monitor 4 pop addresses), history and messages intact as though nothing happened?  If so, this would definitely be the easiest solution and what I'm really looking for.


But there is one wrinkle. When I last reinstalled ACT I set the email database folder to C:\Shared Docs\ACT\ACT for Windows\email.  At the time I was hoping to share the email database as a common repository of all email between the two machines. That aspect didn't pan out but otherwise it has worked fine for me right along. If I have to reinstall I'd like to set the email folders on d: or f: to free up space on c:.  Since Act wants to default to C:\Documents and...\ACT\ACT for Windows will there be any problem in configuring the email to d: or f: after installation and then dropping in the backup files?


Any guidance is much apprecitated.  Thanks again.



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Re: ACT2007 & MS SQL Server crash...

For cleaning up the installation:

Depending on the exact message, it could mean that a file from the previous installation still exists.  After uninstalling ACT! and Microsoft SQL (assuming no other programs use SQL) from Add/Remove programs - you'll want to do a manual clean up of the previous installation (including SQL pieces).  Be sure to rename (to '- old') the Program Files\ACT and Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server folders.

Here is an article with instructions for removing the ACT7 instance KB Article 23401.  This is a good guide for removing the instance.  If there are no other programs using SQL, it is a good idea to go ahead and remove (if they exist) the full key for MS SQL Server, MSSQL, and SQL Browser.  Look for these items under the following registry locations:


- HKEY_Current User\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\(MS SQL Server, MSSQL, and SQL Browser)

*Note - before making changes in your registry, be sure to make a backup of it.  Use File > Export > Export Range = All.


About the email MDF file/email setup:

Copying the MDF/LDF email database is a way to make a backup of them.  However, when it comes to dropping them in place, it won't be quite that easy.  Think of the MDF as a drawer full of folders - each folder being an email setup.  Each time you loose your Act! Preferences and then recreate your email setup - it creates a new folder within the MDF.  You new set up doesn't see the previous folders even though they exist within the MDF.  You can put the the copy of the MDF into place, but you will need to contact an ACC to have them reassign the contents of the previous email setup to your current setup.  Unfortunately Sage no longer supports ACT! 2007 (or earlier), so we won't be able to do it for you.  To locate an ACC near you visit this website: Locate an ACC.


I would recommend putting the email MDF file in the default location.


Greg Martin