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ACT12 database in ACT 10

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ACT12 database in ACT 10

We've got an ACT 12 database that we have been using for a while but now we need to run this on an ACT 10 system (as our email marketing system does not support ACT 12).


Is there any way to run this database on ACT 10, or do I have to do a full export and re-import though a text file?

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Re: ACT12 database in ACT 10

For what it's worth, you may want to consider changing your email marketing to SwiftPage Email, it would likely be the easier option.


No you can't directly use and ACT! 12 database on ACT! 10. Trying to transfer via a text file would only transfer one table, for example, the contact table, no Notes, History, etc. There is a utility available that would export the database to ACT! 6 format and then it could be converted to ACT! 10. The URL is

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Re: ACT12 database in ACT 10

Hello Simonwest,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


Act! databases are not backward compatible, your V12 database cannot be opened by the V10 program.  Using the Export/Import process will get all of the Contact field data, along with your Companies and Groups, but it will not contain the Notes/Histories.  If those are important, you may want to look at the Act! add-ons for an alternative: Act! Add-ons.

Greg Martin