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ACT wiped out my contacts

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ACT wiped out my contacts

Pleas ehelp - I hav ebeen using ACT for about a week and entered over 2k contacts and lots of other info on each. I was using started to scroll down the whole contact list and froze up I could not do anything and eventually killed the process. I oopened it now and most of my contacts are gone. I am really **bleep** to say the least - I have spent dozens of hours building this up. I do not have a backup. Is there any way to find out what happend and to fix it?

Nickel Contributor
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Re: ACT wiped out my contacts

ACT! doesn't delete data without a delete request, I would suspect you have accidentially deleted your current lookup, which would pehaps be why the system appeared to freeze, crashing out was the bexst thing you could do as it would have stopped deleteing at that point.

Without a backup there is nothing you can do.
Travis Rosevear ACC for
Act Today Australia and New Zealand