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ACT v9 - master / subscriber databases

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ACT v9 - master / subscriber databases

I had my master database using ACT v9. customized and running fine for about 6 months when the computer it was on went bad (board and hd). I also had a subscriber database installed on my laptop, it was sync'd up when this happened.


So what is to stop me from now just loging in on my laptop (with my administrator login), and then now that is the master database, which I could then deploy other subscriber databases from that. Is this possible? Or do you have to do what I did at the time, reinstall ACT on the new computer, restore the database from a backup, but then had to recreate and deploy a new subscriber database and reinstall it on the 2nd computer to allow these 2 computers to sync again.


My question is what is the best way to handle a situation like this with as little downtime as possible when using ACT v9x 2007


Thanks for any help with this.

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Re: ACT v9 - master / subscriber databases

If you are wanting to recreate your main database from your remote, then create a remote database from that, you can certainly do this:

- Make a backup of your remote database

- Go to File/Restore/Database, then choose the Restore As option

- Name the database, choose the location to create it

- When the database is restored, go to File/Open Database and open the restored backup

- Go to Tools/Synchronization Panel

- Click Enable Synchronization

- You can now create new sync sets and remotes for this database

If you are using the built-in application sync for ACT!, you will need to go to Tools/Synchronize and select Accept Incoming Syncs.

If you are using the Network Sync Service, you will instread need to add the "new" main database to the service

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: ACT v9 - master / subscriber databases

thanks for the reply, I really appreciate your help!