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ACT v14 Premium compatible with windows 8?

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ACT v14 Premium compatible with windows 8?

I have been struggling to get my mail merge to work on my windows 8 laptop. I can get it to work with my collegues windows 7 laptop. All other things remain equal; we both run office 2013, our outlooks are both 32bits. The email setup wizard does not recognise my Outlook even though my ACT outlook add on is active. Our ACT support group have also tried and failed to get my main merge to work. Does anyone know whether the problem is with my version of Windows and if so, how do we request that the developers release a hot fix to solve this problem. My company has spent almost half a million on ACT and don't plan on updating to v16 until next year. Most of our new staff members (such as myself) are being given new laptops with window's 8, the other 80 staff members are still on window 7. Please help?

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Re: ACT v14 Premium compatible with windows 8?

This is not according to the specs, however, some people say to get Act!-Office integration (only Outlook) working, I personally would ask IT for the time being downgrade Office to 2010 and then reinstall Act! on the laptops (still not according to the specs (Act! 14 on Win 8), but have seen it working, with just little inconvenience during startup, one click extra to start), this discussion might give you some more info:


Hein Campmans