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ACT to Outlook Sync Alarms with BES

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ACT to Outlook Sync Alarms with BES

I have a customer that just upgraded to ACT 2011 from ACT 2010 so that we could sync the ACT and Outlook Calendar and Contacts directly.  We were able to get all of our information into Outlook 2007, but when our Outlook syncs to our BlackBerry with BES, none of the alarms are popping up on the BlackBerry.  We have the alarms set to ring in both ACT and Outlook, and they are popping up in both on the computer, but ever since the upgrade and ACT integration, all alarms have stopped on the BB.


Has anyone had this issue or have any idea on how to get the alarms back?  We have rebooted the BES and were not able to find any place to reset alarms.


Any suggestions?

Christina Theobald

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Re: ACT to Outlook Sync Alarms with BES

A would recommend VERY strongly against trying to use the ACT!/Outlook sync and then syncing to Exchange or to phones ... I have seen lots of very bad things, from duplication of data to completely wiping out all the activities.