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ACT! on system with PointSec

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ACT! on system with PointSec

Our sales team is currently running ACT! on our laptops and in past have had system conflicts with IT&S policies and procedures.  Currently they are about to deploy PointSec on our laptops without any prior testing to ensure no conflict with ACT!.  I have been unable to find anything as to whether its compatible or not.  Has anyone encountered this or had any experiences with this environment?  Should we anticipate any conflicts?  Any feedback would greatly be appreciated!
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Re: ACT! on system with PointSec

ACT! has not been tested with PointSec.  Reviewing their website, it does a full disk encryption.  This can result into unable to open ACT! or databases.  If it gives you the option to exclude certain locations, you may be able to workaround the issue.


Couple locations to decrypt

ACT! install directory

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server


Location where the ACT! database is stored