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ACT not responding

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ACT not responding

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I have a customer using ACT on two workstations with the database being hosted on a server (server 2008). When he uses ACT no matter what he does he gets a message in the upper left of the program that it is not responding. This has progressively gotten worse over the course of the past two weeks. I have called support and each time am told that the issue doesn't exist as I have been unable to replicate it while on the phone with them.


Also, 95% of the time when attempting to open PDF files within ACT it will crash and close.


I am nervous to reinstall the program and am hoping someone can give me some direction on either reinstalling ACT or help me troubleshoot the problem.


Thank you,


Sean Arnold

Oregon City Computers

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Re: ACT not responding

Hi Sean,

Please can you provide a little more detail here:
What version of Act is this occurring on? (Help > About Act)
What version of Windows is it running on?

Are there any error messages appearing when Act crashes?
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Re: ACT not responding

You might be experiencing a networking issue.  Act! moves a lot of data over the network.  If you have network issues they may cause Act! to say it is "not responding".  Obviously other computer issues will too.  One thing that may help is to go to Tools | Mainenance and run the repair and reindex option on the Act! database.  You probably should run it on the machine hosting the database.


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