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ACT! incorrectly sorts emails by date when "received" button is clicked.

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ACT! incorrectly sorts emails by date when "received" button is clicked.

When using Lotus Notes ver with Act! ver, the "received" button (in ACT! Email) does not correctly sort emails by the dates they were rec'd.


For example, if there are many emails from several months or weeks apart (January, February, March) and I click the "received" button, the emails will not actually sort themselves in any coherent order. The resulting sort will be something like: "2/18/09, 3/11/09, 1/21/09, 2/27/09", etc.


Clicking the rec'd button again only "randomizes" the emails. For some reason, the emails with attachments tend to go to the bottom.  There are emails that have no attachments mixed in with these, but most of the attachment emails are found within the last 75/300.


Also, when emails are moved to an offline inbox, or when lotus notes or webmail are used, there is no sort problem.  So WITHIN ACT! if there is another "offline" inbox, the emails will correctly sort.


The question is this: has anyone experienced this same problem with the Act Email using Lotus notes, or even Outlook? And if so, is there any known patch, or workaround for this problem? When we used Lotus 6 in the past, we never had problems with Emails sorting incorrectly, but since the update, there has been this issue, and several others.


Could this be a driver compatibility issue, or a rare ACT! glitch?


Thanks in advance.