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ACT! for palm 3.0 can't work on TREO650?

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ACT! for palm 3.0 can't work on TREO650?

I have both Treo600 and TREO650, every version of ACT! for palm works well on TREO600, but always reset TREO650, it seems no possibility to use on treo650,Sync actions are no problem, it seems as SAGE declared in system requirement:support Handspring TREO, treo600 is out of Handspring, but TREO650 is not, is this th reason? or my Palm version is 5.4.9 with treo650, is there a limit of Palm0s 3.5-5.4? 


but seen from the picture of ACT! for palm on this site, it works on TREO650, I haven't got a clue how to make it work.Anyone please help to give some hints?

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Re: ACT! for palm 3.0 can't work on TREO650?

I have used (loaded) and unloaded both ACT for palm V2 and V3 since they both have trouble with my ex-Palm Treo 650 and my current Palm Treo 680.


It is incredible that the software does not "dial" directly from the contact screen, nor does it send an email directly from the contact nor does it send an SMS directly from the contact.