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ACT! for iPhone

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ACT! for iPhone

I see on my ACT homepage that they've come out with an application for iPhone finally.  Has anyone tried it?  I still use HHC and it's working really well so I'm reluctant to switch unless the Sage app is far superior.

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Re: ACT! for iPhone

You are most likely referring to Sage ACT! Connect. 


To clarify, the Sage ACT! Connect portal (website) now has an HTML5 enabled component that allows it to be displayed through the Safari browser on an iPhone/iPad. 


There has also been an HTML5 component added to Sage ACT! Premium (access via) to enable accessing a database through the web interface on an iPhone/iPad. 


With either of these options, there isn't an actual application that will install on an iPhone/iPad.

Greg Martin
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Re: ACT! for iPhone

[ Edited ]

Sage ACT! Connect is a web app (not native) and you don't get these things you'd have with Handheld Contact:

  • No access to data when not in call range
  • Sync as a Windows service (system has to be logged in)
  • Only 5000 contacts (instead of 7000+)
  • 10 custom fields (instead of 50)
  • Formatted fields in HHC
  • Field pull-downs in HHC
  • Email body record to history
  • SMS body record to history
  • Able to edit Notes/Hist
  • CallerID for incoming calls (via HHC export)
  • Custom Activities in HHC
  • Alarms in HHC
  • Activities link to contacts in HHC, not in Connect
  • Proper handling of international dates and phone numbers


[Edit: corrected info]