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ACT for Palm 3 - Anyone have experience with it?

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ACT for Palm 3 - Anyone have experience with it?

Has anyone had an experience with ACT for Palm version 3?  I would dearly like to have that functionality, however, my only experience with it has been disastrous - or more accurately, non-existant. 

I downloaded the trial version, and when I went to launch it the very first time from installation, it gave me an error message stating my trial period was over, so I was never able to even see it open once.  Of course, as usual, their technical support people were unable to assist in any way - an experience I have always had.  I have resigned myself to anticipating being on my own to recover from problems with ACT.  

I am hoping someone can give me some perspective ad I would prefer not going through the anguish of migrating from ACT to another competitive program.  

If you use ACT for Palm 3, could you share your expreiences - good and bad?


Thank you.