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ACT! for Financial Advisors

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ACT! for Financial Advisors

has anyone used this software?  Like it, don't like it?
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Re: ACT! for Financial Advisors

Having built databases for many financial advisors over the years most want a number of custom unique features so I do not find this one size fits all very helpful. With the release of version 11 the Durkin Toolkit just about lets many of the functionality of the financial version availabe for you to design yourself to suit your business, indeed I am building one model from the durkin toolkit over the coming week.


I think you need to really define what you want to keep in ACT and what is in other systems that you have to use to both be compliant and record keeping for the institutions you deal with. Don't try and duplicate everything but rather make a list of both applications and needs and then find a balance. (i.e. do you do superannuation and can you get most of the information about both the client and policies from a central online source, maybe you need to be able to put these links into the contact record to get the update rather than duplicate typing all of the information)


The other tool from Durkin that I found very useful with financial people is the associater as this helps you link any contact with any other contact in your database which is where you world is in terms of relationships, many a twisted path.



Paul Buchtmann Australia
Australia's First ACT Consultant (1989)

FREE Record History to change default to Call or To-Do for ACT! 2010-2012 versions. Custom versions also available.