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ACT! fails to sync

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ACT! fails to sync



I am having a problem with remote databases not syncing with the main database.  I am receiving the error "Synchronization has failed. Synchronization failed due to an out of memory error on the server. Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown..."


I have attempted the following to fix the issue without success.  Both KB articles have been applied to both the ACT! server and client machines.


Decrease file buffer size - KB Article 23526

Increase sync timeout settings - KB Article 23416

A little background of how this started....  We had to "restore as" the main database to a new server and recreate all the remote databases.  The problem was after the original main database was no longer accessible, users were continuing to add information to their remote databases.  When I unpacked the new remote databases for each user I then imported all the unsynced changes from the users old remote database and attempted to sync that information back to the main database.


Please advise as to what else can be done to eliminate this error

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Re: ACT! fails to sync

It might be that so much was changed that it can't cope... you can see how much is waiting to sync by checking the Sync Preview report in ACTDIAG


I'd recommend bringing the remote in, importing/merging them into the publisher and then re-cutting new remote

Always best to do imports on the Publisher ... then they only need to be sent out