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ACT email address format

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ACT email address format

Using ACT! for Financial Professionals v11 with Outlook 2003. 


When I click on the email address in an ACT contact record, the Outlook new message window pops up displaying the contact name for the contact as well as the email address that was clicked (i.e. John Doe <>). 


How do I remove the contact name "John Doe" from appearing in the email address and have only the email address appear?  The email address does not always belong to the contact, it may belong to a spouse so it is preferred that the contact name not appear at all.


Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: ACT email address format

There isn't an option within Act! to have Outlook not display the contact name along with the email address.  However, there are 2 options to consider:

1. Create an individual contact record for this 'other' person, so that it will display their name and record history to their record.  You can then (depending on the version of Act! installed) use the 'Relationships' tab to show the relationship between the 2 contact records.

2. Use 'Secondary Contacts' tab - enter the 'other' person's information and email address.  When sending an email from the Secondary Contacts tab, it will display the appropriate name for the email address.  However, it will not automatically record history for the email being sent - but you can manually attach the sent email to the main contact record from Outlook.

Greg Martin