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ACT dialer/Windows dialer

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ACT dialer/Windows dialer

I know this is an ancient post, but I am am having a bit a difficulty understanding the solution!


I am running ACT! v 18, with Windows 7 Pro. I want to use the dialer within the ACT! application. My laptop does not have an internal modem (neither: voice nor fax)! What kind of an external (USB) modem do I need to get to accomplish this? My office phone has two outside lines. I would like to plug one of the phone lines into the modem, and still be able to answer the incoming calls using my laptop, or using the telephone instrument.


Can anyone make a recommendation as to how this is done? If so, can you recommend a particular USB modem, add on software, and how to wire, so that I can do this?


Thanks for any help that is offered!

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Re: ACT dialer/Windows dialer

I would just go with a US Robotics modem.  The built in Windows faxing software should work fine as long as your needs aren't too demanding.  Here is a link to one on Amazon for $16 or so.



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Re: ACT dialer/Windows dialer

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If you do not need FAXING capability,  forget the modem. For Auto voip dialing, use a voip addon.  You can use Skype or Magic jack etc..

I use multiple magic jacks and have for years now. Love them.  You can purchase a two line at&t phone system and use two magic jacks / two separate numbers..  Reference     Universal Voip  dialer.

I use one mj device connected to my pc and use the exponenciel software voip dialer. That is the mj that uses the exponenciel act voip dialer.

My other Mj devices are connected to my router. For my traveling laptop, I use skype or mj..

When I was using a fax, I also loved using Faxtalk software -


I could also Fax thru my Magic jack using a fax machine, if I wanted to. Been a while.. hope this helps. Smiley Happy



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