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ACT compatibility with Outlook, WinFax, Blackberry.

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ACT compatibility with Outlook, WinFax, Blackberry.

I wanted to update to ACT 2010, but did not know if ACT can be integrated with Winfax(or similar add-on), Blackberry Tour, and the Microsoft Outlook 2007. If they are not compatible are their other add-ons or additional third party applications that will help with networking ACT with Outlook, Faxes, and Blackberry.


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Re: ACT compatibility with Outlook, WinFax, Blackberry.

Act! 2010 will not work with Winfax directly, but ASDS Computer has a product that will facilitate this - FaxAdmin 2010.


Act! works with Outlook 2007.


You will need a third party tool to integrate with Blackberry - look for Handheld Contact or CompanionLink

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Re: ACT compatibility with Outlook, WinFax, Blackberry.

I have almost an identical setup as you, although I'm on 2009 (very similar to 2010 without some enhancements) and I have a Blackberry Storm instead of Tour.  I used Companionlink to move over my contacts from Act to Outlook, then Outlook will automatically link and move info to your Blackberry.  You'll have to change from Winfax to the recommended software and it works great and is very similar.  (note the other post, the name of the SAge endorsed software is slipping my mind at the second.)  Please note however that changes you make to your ACT contacts will NOT automatically update on your Blackberry.  IMHO, it's a one time initial set up tool.  Perhaps others can add commentary.  There IS an add on product that truly integrates ACT with your Blackberry, but honestly it's pricey and there's a monthly or annual maintenance fee.  I simply couldn't justify the expense, but perhaps something you would consider?


Just wanted to let you hear from someone that has actually "done it" and it works fine.


One word of advice if I may.  You didn't say what version you are currently running.  If it's an older version, say 6 or 7, I would encourage you to investigate your hard drive speed BEFORE you make the change.  Even though my computer is new, it has a RPM speed in the 5K range.  ACT and Outlook both run slowly.  At times it can be maddening.  Part of the solution is having a FAST (7200 RPM) hard drive.


Even though my HP notebook is only a few months old, I'll likely change soon in order to gain the increased speed.


Just thought something you might want to consider before making the plunge as you CANNOT take your database backwards once the upgrade is made (unless you planned, copied and kept your original version).


Hope that helps.