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ACT beginner's help needed

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ACT beginner's help needed

Hey guys,

I'm a new user for this software and i wanted to knowwhere i can find tutorials for this software, I have searched Google but no luck so far. Here's my situation:

I have started a sales company where i usually keep my business contacts in excel. Since i do alot of cold calling, it would be a hassle to keep updating and sorting out existing companies . I want to simply just import my existing contacts into the new ACT database, and when there is a new list of contacts, i simply just input the info into my existing base. Does ACT hav the function where it auto detects and notify me when I enter  an existing business that i don't realize? Since my database will be a constant add on, I dont want to add existing businesses who I have cold call already.

I have been trying to play with the software for hours and I still can't figure out the function. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: ACT beginner's help needed

Once you import the sheet into ACT!, why not just work in ACT! from there?


ACT! does have duplicate checking to see if you enter a duplicate record, but it's good advise to lookup in the database first


There are a lot of video self-pased training on the internet like: