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ACT and Outlook integration - constant problems

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ACT and Outlook integration - constant problems

Having worked with ACT for about 15 years, although I love it with a passion, I constantly get frustrated with the constantly unreliable integration with Outlook, in particular with email


I have experienced many problems, primarily since v7 and they are all different, ie


  • Sometimes there may be issues upon installation where the act.outlook service hasn't installed properly
  • Issues where the ACT address book is not even available to add in Outlook (primarily with Outlook 2007 and yes, Outlook was always installed before ACT)
  • Emails not attaching but being held in the historyqueue
  • Within Outlook, toolbars either not being present from the outset or simply disappearing for no apparent reason


Now I appreciate there are several knowledge base articles relating to certain issues with Outlook integration but I am just intrigued to see whether the whole ACT community experiences these problems or whether I am simply missing something


The majority of my clinets are now running ACT 2010 with Outlook 2007 but in my experience, these problems are not just related to one product version  


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


Positive ideas as to how to overcome these, in addition to what is stated in the kb articles would also be very welcome


Thank you