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ACT! and FilemakerPro Integration?

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ACT! and FilemakerPro Integration?

I'm getting back into sales after being out for a few years.  I used ACT! for my CRM and really liked its ease of use and functionality. The company I'm now with uses FilemakerPro, Ver 7 ("FM") for its manufacturing, inquiry log, order entry functions and a limited sales followup program.  I'd like to intergate it with ACT! if possible rather than use FM's somewhat limited CRM functions.  But at a minimum be able to export its inquiry and customer data bases into ACT! in the morning and, after "processing" these files in ACT!, then export from ACT! and reimport them back into FilemakerPro to update its DB's at the end of the day.  FM says it can export files in XML, ODBC and JDBC formats. Is anyone aware if there's an "easy" way to do the above?  Are there "helper" programs available to aid in importing such files into ACT!?  And is one of these formats a better choice to work with than the others?  Appreciate any help or suggestions on this.  (I hate reinventing the wheel!).


Our computer O/Ss are Windows 7 & Vista (hopefully upgrading the Vista machine soon).  Also using MS Office, Outlook and gmail.