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ACT & Quickbooks Plugins

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ACT & Quickbooks Plugins

Hi all, nw to the community and I have a question.


I have joined a company and inherited ACT 2007 V9 with Outlaw 2000 and Quickbooks 2006 Pro .  All of the current data is managed from QB interface at this time by 2 folks who do the order entry and the ACT DB has less than 50 records.


So, I plan to export the Active customers ( about 3500) and import them to ACT to begin interacting with them vis email and phone, this part seem simple enough.  The challenge is making sure the QB Stuff is available and viewable in ACT as we do a good bit of drop shipping and have multiple ship locations for some companies.  When I did my research, I found that there is a QuickBooks plugin that does realtime Synch and make the QB data available in a tab in ACT.


 Has anyone used this succesfully ? 





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Re: ACT & Quickbooks Plugins

If you are still interested in a Quickbooks link for ACT!, we released our product called QBSalesData in November 2009.  It would be a great fit for your situation.


Go to our website to see all of the details: 


Don Grubor

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