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ACT WON'T Install

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ACT WON'T Install

I'm using Windows 7. Had the hard drive formatted and the OS loaded along with Office 2010.

Downloaded the ACT Pro v18 from the Cloud and attempted to install and received many error issues.

Attached shows the Home Screen of Act after being installed; an error message; the  SQL's loaded into Services.


I've spent hours manually uninstalling ACT with all it's registry items and still nothing.  I have the Qeek Squad at Best Buy

work on the issue. They created a 'Best Buy" database but it doesn't show up in the database window but it is in the Registry still.


Is there a ACT pro v18 Cleanup Utility that will remove all registry items which may be causing the issue.


Thank you for various options to try to resolve issue.


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Re: ACT WON'T Install

Try this link.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: ACT WON'T Install

Hi Neal,


I don't believe it is errant registry keys that is causing your issues. The error message you posted is related to the SQL server (ACT7) not running, or the database folder not having the correct permissions. We have a Knowledgebase article on the issue:


Are you able to open ActDiag on your PC to see if there are and databases listed there? (Databases > Database Details List)


I see in your services screenshot, you also have two other SQL servers running (MSSQLSERVER) and (SQLEXPRESS). These aren't part of the standard SQL installation as performed by Act!, So i'm not sure where they have come from. It could be that you have other software also utilising SQL installed. The ACT7 SQL instance can coexist with others, so it shouldn't be a problem. 


In case you still need it, we also have an article on manually removing Act v18: