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ACT Version 9 Mail Merge Hyperlink Error

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ACT Version 9 Mail Merge Hyperlink Error

I'm using ACT (v9) Premium for workgroups and it's developed a bug.  A hyperlink created in the Word document is being corrupted when I run the mail merge: http address "" is changed to and consequently fails.

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Re: ACT Version 9 Mail Merge Hyperlink Error

When you saying ACT! has developed a bug, meaning it was working before?


- Close ACT! and any Office applications

- Try searching the computer for and rename the files.

- Open/Close Word

- Test ACT!

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Re: ACT Version 9 Mail Merge Hyperlink Error

Hi David,


I am dazwilo's system administrator. I have been looking into this problem, for him, and we have tested deleting and recreating the file, but this has made no difference.


I've done some testing, and it seems that when you do a mail merge, if you select to output to 'word processor', the formatting of hyperlinks is OK, but if you select 'email' as the output the hyperlink is incorrect.


The specific bug is when entering a hyperlink such as which comes out as, the hyphen is converted to a dot. Apparently dazwilo has sent out an email mail merge in the past with a similar formatted URL, and it was successful, but we do not know exactly when this bug developed, as these emails are quarterly.


Many thanks