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ACT VSN 16 font is too small and unreadable

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ACT VSN 16 font is too small and unreadable

I have just upgraded from ACT Premium 2011 to ACT Premium vsn 16.  I'm using a DELL Laptop with i7 processor, 16 gb RAM, running Windows 7, Office 2013.  


My reason for changing was that Outlook 2013, which came with the new laptop as that is what my company is using. However, Outlook 2013 doesn't work with any version of ACT other than vsn 16.  It won't let you attach emails to contacts, etc.    So, don't change to Office 2013 wthout a good reason.


Now, the font size showing in ACT VSN 16 is about 7 or 8.  I can't read the screen without squinting at it.  No one can work with it like this on any kind of a long term basis or they'll go blind.   Changing the font size in 'Tools/Preferences' doesn't work.  You can set the font size at 16 and it doesn't change. 


If you change the DISPLAY (through control panel)  to large, you can't read the fields anymore as the characters become different sizes and no longer fit into the boxes correctly.   I left it at medium (125%) as it doesn't seem to make any difference in ACT at all.

Is there a fix for this??

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Re: ACT VSN 16 font is too small and unreadable  Smiley Happy

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