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ACT V10.x Locks up

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ACT V10.x Locks up

Hello all,

I am currently using ACT v10.x. I have about 2066 contacts and approx 580 alarms (calls etc...) that are set and due. When the alarms / reminders pop up the system hangs and locks up. Are there limitations to the number of contacts, alarms etc...? Any suggestion to fix the issue is welcome.




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Re: ACT V10.x Locks up

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Thats a lot of time spent managing all those items. 

If I may suggest a alternate method.

Create 2 date fields called;

Last Contacted

Next Contact

Place them onto your Layout where ever you would like to see them appear. 

Keep those fields updated as needed

Then all you have to do to create your call list for the day is

   right mouse click on the Next Contact date field and search for todays date

    and there you go.  A list of all the folks you need to call today.

Your good notes that you took  will then let you know what action is to occur with your contacts.

 That method may mean less time managing all those to-do activities?

 I use both methods, but minimize the use of the Scheduling of activities to more mission critical events.

 For me, that is a more efficient use of my time.


Just throwen that out there .


 I dont know if there is a limit to those scheduled activities but it seems like a lot to me?

You maay also try running ACTDIAG and use the Repair or Rebuild options ?


Cheers - FSB


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Re: ACT V10.x Locks up

Thank you for the idea and I will try it. I was able to get enough time with ACT (before it locked-up) to delete alot of really old to do's that were not properly maintained and I appear to running much better and with no lock-up.


Thanks again!!