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ACT Upgrade

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ACT Upgrade


My work pc has just completely failed; however prior to this all the information was transferred to another pc including my Act database. Unfortunately my new pc doesnt have an ACT programme on it and I am unable to use it.


I have been looking into purchasing the latest version of ACT hoping that I will then be able to inport the information to it. The old version I had was from around 2003, would I be able to do this. I have 7 years of information on my old Act and would really like to retrieve some of it.


Please help!!!!



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Re: ACT Upgrade

Yes, you will be able to convert your old Act! database to the new version.  If you decide to purchase the new verison, you can contact our support team for assistance with converting the database.  Here is a knowlegebase article that goes the process if you want to do the conversion yourself.


How to Convert an ACT! 3.x, 4.x, 5.x (2000) or 6.x (2004) Database to Sage ACT! 2013 

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Re: ACT Upgrade

That link doesn't work anymore as goes to something different.  Please post the new link to upgrade from ACT6.