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ACT Upgrade

Tuned Listener
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ACT Upgrade



What would be the advantages by upgrading ACT from 2009 premium to for instance 2010? And maybe newer versions. I think it is difficult to figure out what I will gain from a upgrade. And what price changes can i experience per user?


Thanks for the help.



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Re: ACT Upgrade

As a general statement, the advantage of upgrading to the most current version will be the compatibility with newer operating systems and versions of Office. There are other changes to the program, but recent updates by Microsoft make these 2 of the biggest updates.
Greg Martin
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Re: ACT Upgrade

There was a significant upgrade to the Opportunities module in ACT! 2010, so that's a biggie.


There have also been all kinds of good things added since ACT! 2009 came out 5 years ago...


  • Smart Tasks
  • Social Media tab
  • Better synchronization
  • OLE 2.0 provider
  • More dashboards
  • Premium Mobile
  • ...