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ACT Team (Greig Hollister) solved my rollercoaster installation

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ACT Team (Greig Hollister) solved my rollercoaster installation

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Greig Hollister at ACT!/Sage tech support is a star!
I installed ACT! 2008 a month ago, and spent an insane day being "helped" by at least two tech support guys in India. Nice people, mostly, except Sage's outsourcing of installation support (something they need to IMPROVE on) may cut costs, but it does not help the customer. After several hours burned up on the phone, during a work day, I called in to a sales rep, (my sales rep was not keen on helping to really solve the problem), and he took the responsibility of getting me to a North American tech support person. Here's where Greig Hollister comes in...he analyzed the situation, and removed unnecessary files to allow a re-install. The whole process took between 2-3 hours, and my ACT! worked immediately. Greig stayed 2 hours past the end of his shift to get this all finished for me, and he acted and spoke like a professional who wanted to own and solve the problem. I was and still am impressed.
I emailed a thank you and commendation to Greig's supervisor, Sonal Doshi at {email edited for courtesy} without ever receiving a reply from her. Hmmmm, how long does it take to write/send a reply email to a happy customer who is raving about one of your employees/colleagues???
As well, Dione Rindahl, a Sales Supervisor was prompt in dealing with my calls, which were not really in her scope of work, but she contributed to the solution. She and Greig are on the same bus, that's for sure.
Happy ACT!ing
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ACT Team (Greig Hollister) solved my rollercoaster installation

I am trying to get in touch with Greig Hollister as well. I am having much difficulty.



Greig, I am hoping you may help me.  I have used ACT for many years - upgrading as I go along.  I hae ACT Premium for Workgroups 2006.


I had to reinstall my hard drive, MS Office 2003, installed Windows Service Pack 3, erased temp file, etc.  - trying to do all .     I have my ACT database backed up to my Maxtor external drive, which I disconnect during installation.

I signed on the support through ACT Community.  This is a first post or note, but I noticed your name in the note at the end.


I continue to get the Error 1772 message. I can't download the disk.  I rely on Outook and ACT extensively and had it all in sync.  I lost much data when my computer crashed. 


Could you help me.  How do I find you?




Hello Paul,


If you open a non-Premiuim database in a Premium version of ACT!, you will prompted to convert the database to Prremium format. You will then be unable to open the database in a non-Premium version of ACT! In addition, a non-Premium database cannot sync with a Premium database. If you need a download for ACT!, please send me your serial number for verification via Private Message and I will happy to send you a download link.


Greig Hollister
ACT! Online Community