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ACT! System as user

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ACT! System as user

I have created a second database in ACT 2012 Pro and  ACT created a user named "ACT System."  This user shows up in all reports, lookups, etc. and is a pain.  In my first database created converted from ACT 2010 to ACT 2012 Pro  this user does not exist so something triggered the creation of this user in the new database..


I have two questions:


1.  What damage will be done if I delete this user?

2.  How can I set this user not to show in contact list?

3.  What caused this user to be created by ACt when creating the database.

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Re: ACT! System as user

Is it possible that your My Record (Lookup|My Record) is "ACT System"?  If so, you can simply change it.

Mark Rogers
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Re: ACT! System as user

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Hello John,
In answer to your first two questions, the ACT! System user does not show in your contact list or in the user management screen, so you cannot delete it. It is a back-end system account.


In answer to your third question, the very first user record created for a new database (the one you create during the new database creation) will have a Record Creator of "ACT! System" since there is no other user account available at that time.




Greig Hollister

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