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ACT! Synchronization failed "System.OutOfMemoryException"

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ACT! Synchronization failed "System.OutOfMemoryException"

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I do have the same problem, wich many of us ACT users. I do get the "System.OutOfMemoryException" error, but in my case this has nothing to do with the files or attachments.

When I do a syncronisation of my remote database to the main database, the sync is running fine until step four.

1. Starting and connecting - fine !

2. Database modifications - fine !

3. Sending and receiving files - FINE !!! (I do have less than 2MB of files)

4. Synchronising Records and updates - ERROR MESSAGE right at the first record. 


I did try all the things with the buffer size settings, but that does not change a thing. I did look at the task manager on the server, to see the memory used by running programs, but I do not see any significant growth of memory usage when synchronizing. All normal there.


We are four users. Two of us get the error message, two of us can do synchronization without any problem.

Do we have the 'bug' in our remote databases ?


Appreciate any helpful hint or idea !




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