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ACT! Standard 2009 + Outlook 2007 Integration Issue

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ACT! Standard 2009 + Outlook 2007 Integration Issue


We have ACT! 2009 installed on 1 server and 4 computers using remote databases. 3 have worked perfectly with Outlook, but the 4th is causing a problem. I have checked all settings and can not find anything different.

When I attempt to set up Outlook as email app in ACT! (tools > preferences > email system setup...), there are no options listed under "Select the email systems you want to use with ACT!". The box where the options should be is completely empty. I performed all installs myself and they were all identical, this is the only one I've had an issue with. The user has Vista Business, the same as the other computers. All updates have been installed for both ACT! and Outlook, and Outlook was installed prior to ACT!. I've also noticed that the ACT! Toolbar and icons do not appear in Outlook as they do with the others, it seems there's no integration at all. I can re-install ACT! if I have to but this will be done remotely as the user is on the other side of the country, so I'd prefer to avoid that if possible.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Thankyou in advance,


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Re: ACT! Standard 2009 + Outlook 2007 Integration Issue



This may sound like a strange question, but which program did you install first?  Act! or Office?  In the past, I found that Office MUST be installed first and Outlook must be activated, or setup with account information, BEFORE Act! is even installed.  I would suggest you uninstall Act! using Add/Remove in the Control Panel, reboot, make sure Outlook has an active account, and then reinstall Act!.