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ACT Prompt For Outlook Meeting

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ACT Prompt For Outlook Meeting

ACT 2010

Windows 7 Enterprise

Outlook 2007


I've noticed lately (and it has probably always been that way) that when I receive a meeting invite in Outlook or click on one of those "add to my calendar" in Outlook, I get a pop-up from ACT to add it to the ACT calendar.


However, when I schedule a meeting in ACT and send it out, ACT doesn't ask if I want to add it. 


I know I can run the sync program under tools, but if I can get the automatic interface from external invites I would have thought I could get the same from an internally created invite.


Comments or suggestions? 

John Purdy
ACT! Premium V. 18
HP ENVY 17m, 16GB, & Office 365, 32bit, 1TB HDD.
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Re: ACT Prompt For Outlook Meeting

There isn't an option to give a prompt to create an Outlook activity (from an Act! activity), that is a one-way process.  This would be a good candidate for a Feature Request through the Share Your Ideas board.

Greg Martin