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ACT Pro2011

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ACT Pro2011

Long time Act user here.  Corp sent me new laptop but cannot get dbase to open.  Installed Act 2011 and all looked fine until I tried to open dbase.  Message said dbase not available on network.  Tried installing the trial version of Act 2016.  Could open the dbase via a thumb drive but could not save to hard drive.  Act 2016 also did some sort of conversion to my Act2011 setup files.  Deleted Act2016, tried to reinstall Act2011 and not get message: 

Resolution of the dependency failed, type = “Act.UI.ActApplication”, name=””. Exception message is: The current build operation (build key Build Key [Act.UI.ActApplication,null] failed. Value of ‘null’ is not valid for stream. (Strategy type BuildPlanStrategy,index3)


From what I can tell seems to be SQL conflict somewhere along the way but not sure at all.  I love Act but am no sware expert and corporate refuses to help as they want me on Outlook contacts which is so much less powerful than the Act product.  


Ideally I'd like to continue using 2011 but would buy the 2016 if I could get it to work.  Anybody out there in cyberland got an easy solution?


Thanks.  Jeff

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Re: ACT Pro2011

hi Jeff,


as soon you installed a newer version of act, it´s allmost impossible to return to a older version. due to changes on the SQL and on the registry. if you have the chance to update to ACT16, then it is for sure a good time to do this.


also act16 is tested on Windows 8.x and on office2013 while act2011 is not tested, and you will face a buch of issues, all can be fixed, but quite timeconsuming




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