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ACT! Pro v17 Timeline Tab Error

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ACT! Pro v17 Timeline Tab Error

From the Contact Detail View, clicking on the Timeline Tab in the lower half of the window displacys the following error message, without the quotes; "Error: Invalid recur spec. DayType is 'typed' but no typed day exists in the recur spec." Is this a bug? I am using ACT! Pro version Hotfix 1.

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Re: ACT! Pro v17 Timeline Tab Error

It is most likely bad data in an activity record.  You won't be able to fix it directly yourself although some people have had some success with saving their database to a new database and then using the new database or creating a new database and exporting all of their data to the new database.  You will need to have Act! Database Services fix it or you will need to get an Act! Certified Consultant who works with the SQL databases to fix it.  I can fix it for you but my time would be billable.


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