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ACT Pro 2013 - Outlook 2010 and email attachments

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ACT Pro 2013 - Outlook 2010 and email attachments

I have ACT attaching emails with Outlook 2010 webmail and history is OK and I can see emails. When in ACT, if I want to view an email, I notice it opens the email up in Outlook and it is from the Outlook application that you can see the email. My problem with this is as follows:


To access the email you have to click on the attachments (tmpXXXX.msg) and it opens Outlook. Act never displays the detail of the email in the details area. The subject line is in the “regarding area” but the detail area is blank.


When you click on the “tmp.msg file you get warnings such as - a dialog box is open, close and try again, as well as “cannot open the pad database, tmp.msg file may not exist.” Despite all these warning, if you keep clicking on Outlook the email will eventually open.


I am also running ACT 13 on a small 2008 server with three users. I note, however, that any other Act user cannot open the history at all. They can see it but on clicking the email nothing opens. Only the Act user who created the email, or whose Outlook email address the email was sent to can see it.


I think I know what the problem is but have no idea how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.


As far as I can see Act email is attaching emails by linking with Outlook rather than copying the email into a new ACT database attachment. As a result when you want to view an attached email in ACT it runs Outlook to display the contents etc. Somehow there is a start-up application conflict in this sequencing which causes the display errors. In addition to this the configuration is local so the start up from ACT into Outlook points to the local outlook PST file. This local configuration means that when another networked user is running ACT and selects an email ACT will point to their local PST user file which of course is not be the PST file where the email was received into Outlook and attached to ACT. The result is the attachment link will not display and other than the subject line, no detail or content of the email is available to any ACT user not running the same PST file.

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Re: ACT Pro 2013 - Outlook 2010 and email attachments

Hello Trebor12,

Welcome to the ACT! Community!


For email history items to display the text in the preview area (along with the subject) requires a change to your email recording options.  When selecting 'E-mail subject, text, and all attachments', the e-mail is attached to history item as a file (attachment - *.msg file).  When selecting 'E-mail subject and message (recommended)', it is not an attachment but rather contained within the Details of the history item (there is no file to open).  The decision is then: do we want to have attachments with emails or not?  

This option is found under Tools > Preferences... > E-mail and Outlook Sync > E-mail System Setup > screens 5 and 6 of 8.  You can always change the recording option for an individual e-mail at the time of the e-mail creation.


As for the issue of not being able to open an attachment, ensure that you don't have 'Allow history editing' disabled.  This is found in Tools > Preferences... > Admin tab (far right, click on Startup to see Admin tab).

Greg Martin