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ACT Pro 2011

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ACT Pro 2011

I am still not able to open ACT on a computer using a certain name and password but I can go to another computer and open using the same name and password.  I can open ACT using other person's names on the suspect computer.

I've tried a new password with no success.

Anyone have any suggestions.  ACT works but just not with the name I want to use.  The computer had a new hard drive a month ago and worked fine on the trial version of ACT.  Just ran out of time and had to register is when the issue occurred.

Thank you,


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Re: ACT Pro 2011

What is the message you receive when attempting to open the database?


Your description sounds like there may be 2 databases with the same name, or the PAD file being used has become corrupted.  Try getting a new copy of the PAD file associated with the database > copy it to the problem workstation and then double click on it to attempt to open with the problem user name.

Greg Martin