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ACT Pro 2011 -cannot access database after 2 weeks of purchase

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ACT Pro 2011 -cannot access database after 2 weeks of purchase



Having used ACT version 5 for many years I have recently purchased a new laptop ( windows 7 ) as well as ACT Pro 2011 ( the latest version I could get off the shelf in Singapore ).


I installed a couple of weeks ago. I did not import my old database. I am using Windows 7 and the database is for my sole use and only installed on my laptop . I do not have a server.


A couple of times I couldn't open the database with the message " object reference not set to an instance of an object" . Shutting down and rebooting seemed to solve the problem ! However I cannot now open the database at all. I get the message " the database NAME could not be accessed. In order to access... check your network connection and verify database server is availlable . I may be necessary to disable any firewall on your computer/ server"  - I 've tried disconnecting firewall ( its set to allow ACT access anyway ) - network connection not an issue and irrelevent as its on my hard drive only.


Also when I open Outlook us says " ACT address book service is not properly configured, or the configures database NAME.pad is locked. DO you want to configure now ? " If I do "yes" it says the address book is already include , click " no" and  Outlook opens ok.


I have sent an email to   '" - I am within 30 days of purchase .I cannot find out where else I should email under the " 30 days free support guarantee " . The only tel number I can find is in USA - I am in Singapore.  Problem is,  I am going on holiday on Wednesday for 2 weeks and will then be outside of my 30 days free support period. In all my years of using my old version of  ACT I never had any problems. I am not technically minded, have no one I can ask for help,  so please respond as if talking to a dummy !


I hope someone can help.



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Re: ACT Pro 2011 -cannot access database after 2 weeks of purchase

Hi Karen


With regards to the Outlook issue please see:


I would advise looking at the section on SQL Server (ACT7) make sure this service is running first.


Then follow the link below it might help narrow down what is causing the issue, unfortunately the error message you are getting is quite generic.:


Hope this helps


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Re: ACT Pro 2011 -cannot access database after 2 weeks of purchase

It sound like the sql service on your computer has stopped.  got to start, run, services.msc

 Look for the Service MS SQL (ACT7) and make sure it's running.  if it isn't try and start it and try again with ACT.  That would address both problems

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