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ACT Pro 2011 & Outlook Express Issues

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ACT Pro 2011 & Outlook Express Issues


I recently upgraded my old ACT! 6.0 to ACT Pro 2011. Worked beautifully. All the fields and the database transferred AOK.


But my main reason for upgrading was when I used to send emails from ACT! 6.0 via ACT Email it was slow, buggy and used to crash.


I was excited about the new version being much faster and more stable but:


I can't get ACT Pro 2011 to work with Outlook Express. The following issues happen:


I set up Outlook Express in my Email Set up and it selected AOK but when I tested sending a mail merge, none of the messages sent, they all just disappeared. I checked sent and outbook in Outlook Express, none of them there. Then weirdly, I went back to email setup and neither Outlook Express nor ACT Email showed up as options in the Email Setup Wizard.


I quit all the programs, started again, this time they were both there. So I selected ACT Email as my preffered email setup, got it all working fine on a test. Tried to send another set of messages... nothing happened. So went back to Email Setup Wizard again and nothing there to select to setup as my email choice.


So do I:

1. Go back to and old slow but workable solution of using ACT 6.0?

2. Upgrade my Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook v?? (dont' know which one.)


Also whatever I do, I want to keep all the messages I have in all the folders in my Outlook Express. It's a huge number and they are all important.. is this causing the problem? Too many messages in my Outlook Express?




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Re: ACT Pro 2011 & Outlook Express Issues

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Hello Mark,
What version of Outlook Express do you have? Per the ACT! 2011 system requirements, you would need Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 SP2. Also, upgrading to MS Outlook would be preferable - the integration with ACT! is much more robust and does not rely on the ACT! Email client.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.