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ACT! Premium for Web 2011 crashes viewing 1 particular contact

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ACT! Premium for Web 2011 crashes viewing 1 particular contact



I have a problem that sprung up shortly after my upgrade from 2010 to 2011. There is one particular contact that now crashes any web client that views it (it dumps them back to the login screen with the message to contact their Server Administrator) . Also - once they view it - ACT! seems to remember thats where they were previously and tries to go back to it everytime they open the web client. For users that have the Contacts page as their start page - this effectively prevents them from using ACT! at all. Also - the contact in question happens to be one of our employees - so they crash everytime they go to contacts (because it defaults to starting with their own listing).


An error is logged on the server - referencing  Object not found ( I can post the full error messages if needed). A search in the KB yields ALOT of results on thie error, but nothing that seems to relate to my environment or issue.


1. Anyone else have this problem?

2. Is there any way to reset preferences on the Web Client? For instance - not to have Contacts as your start screen, set a new default contact entry view, etc.?

3.Is there anyway of exporting or re-creating this contact without losing all of the history, data, etc. from it?






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Re: ACT! Premium for Web 2011 crashes viewing 1 particular contact

Hello Mtitchen,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


Here is an article that gives the location for web users' preference files: KB Article 19757

These files can be deleted and when the users sign back onto the Web interface it will recreate them (set to default).


To create a new copy of the contact: because this sounds like it is a User Record - you will have to create a new User in the database.  You can set the original username to Inactive, then delete the inactive user and you will be prompted to reassign the user's record to another user (select the new username).  Once that completes you will be prompted to keep the contact record - you will want to keep it.  Once this process is completed, you can use the Tools > Scan for Duplicates option to locate the 2 records and then merge the old into the new. 


Note: before beginning these changes, you will want to make a backup of your database (File > Backup > Database).


Greg Martin