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ACT! Premier fails to connect with Outlook 2007

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ACT! Premier fails to connect with Outlook 2007

This is a pre-sales and trial question.


My company is in the market for a CRM program and I have always wanted to try ACT! so I am on the 30-day trial to verify that the program will meet the needs of my company. Unfortunately, I have not been very happy to this point.


After finally discovering how to get Outlook to show up in the email setup wizard, I am now trying to sync a couple of contacts between ACT! and Outlook as a trial run. I run through the procedures found within the ACT! support documents to sync the contacts and begin the sync. A small window pops up and tells me that ACT! is connecting to Outlook and then....thats it. It says that for about 15-20 minutes and then finally says that the contacts and calenday synch has failed. I have not been able to find any solution and I am concerned with purchasing 6-7 licenses; if I have this many issues on the trial then what will my experience be like after I purchase the software.


I only have two contacts, no calendar events, and am using Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 Home Premium. Please help.

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Re: ACT! Premier fails to connect with Outlook 2007

Yes, that can be problematic...  Outlook tends to be a moving target...


Curious, if your organization is looking to move to a "real" contact management solution, what is the business case for syncing contacts to Outlook that makes that particular function a show stopper?


Keeping eveything in one place is always simpler (and thereby less expensive).


Are you using Outlook to sync to phones or something?