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ACT! PRO 2012 multiple databases / multiple email addresses / google

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ACT! PRO 2012 multiple databases / multiple email addresses / google

I recently upgraded from 6.0 to PRO 2012 and am excited about all the new features.  I'm in the middle of converting & setting up my data and will also be using Sage ACT! Connect and Sage E-Marketing.  I need some answers however...


I run three companies and have an email address/domain for each one.  I want to sync with Google and would LOVE to see ALL activities - personal and all three companies on one calendar.  It appears I can use Google Calendar to merge multiple calendars, but wonder if that can be visualized in ACT!?


When sending emails from different email addresses (depending on the database), can I choose the sending email address?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: ACT! PRO 2012 multiple databases / multiple email addresses / google

It sounds like you will have multiple database (1 per company).  Some background: when setting up the Google sync, you will select a database and a Google account to sync - there isn't an option to select different databases with different Google accounts.  Certainly, the settings can be manually changed to sync to different databases/Google accounts - but it will not happen automatically.


With seperate databases, you will not be able to view each calendar on a single view.  It will only display the calendar for the database that is open.


When syncing a database with Google, the calendar information will be pulled from the main/default calendar for Google - it won't sync the activities from a custom calendar.  So I don't believe you will see all of your Google calendars synced into the 1 ACT! calendar.


Selecting the email address when sending an email...  Will you have ACT! integrated with Outlook, or be using the ACT! internet mail setup?  By default, ACT! will send using the opened Outlook profile address, or the default account selected in ACT! Internet Mail.  Note: the ACT! Internet Mail setting will apply to all databases, the default account will not change depending on which database is open.



Greg Martin